Reasons for Becoming a Property Agent

A property agent or estate agent might not be at the top of your dream job list; however, there are plenty of great reasons why you should consider this as a career. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why people become property agents, so you can decide if this job role would work for your needs.

Working from home

Working from home has become more common since the Covid-19 pandemic; many businesses saw the benefits of allowing people to work from home and continued this with a hybrid or full-time home working approach. A job as a property agent is something that you can easily do from home most of the time when you’re not showing people around houses you’re trying to sell or meeting with clients. During these working from home hours, you will have more freedom and can save money on things like the fuel needed for commuting. In addition, you may also be able to spend more time with your family, helping work feel less like hard work.

You work with a range of people

People of all ages, backgrounds and careers will, at some point, need to employ a property agent to help them sell their homes. This gives you the opportunity to work with a vast array of different people from all backgrounds. Talking to a range of people can help you build your knowledge of the world and become a better, all-rounded individual. It can also help you in your personal life; you might meet people in many different industries and trades that you can contact if you’re in need of their services. If you make a good impression on these people and they like what you do, then they’re also more likely to recommend you to other people they know that need to sell their property.

You’re not stuck in an office all day

Part of the property agent role requires you to visit the properties that you’re trying to sell; you will do this several times to speak to the owners about the process, to show people around the property and for other potential reasons. This means instead of being stuck at a desk all day behind a computer, the role of a property agent gives you the opportunity to get out and visit different places. This can make your day go much quicker and add variety to the role, which many other jobs lack. The work you’ll be doing when you visit people's houses won’t be physically demanding, and you may even get treated to a drink and a snack; these small touches can make your workday a little bit better compared to a standard desk job.

You’ll develop lots of transferable skills

Many of the skills you need to be a successful property agent are transferable to other careers and job roles in the future. You will learn vital skills such as planning, persuasion, organisation, time management and problem-solving, which can be used if you decide to swap your profession later in life. It will also help you if you lose your job and need to find work quickly; you will have many skills that other employers will find valuable. A property agent is such a varied role, so you will soon pick up many of these skills throughout your training and in your first few months on the job.

The earning potential is high

If you are successful and skilled in your role, you’ll be able to take on lots of clients and sell houses quickly, enabling you to make lots of money. The earning potential is very high for a well-known, successful property agent. You may even be able to determine your own rates and income, depending on your type of employment.

A property agent is a very good career for many people, it offers flexibility, the ability to work from home, a versatile job role, the benefits of working with a diverse range of people and the earning potential is high, plus you will develop lots of useful and transferable skills when you’re in this job role. If you like the idea of becoming a property agent, get more information and start searching for a junior position where you can work your way up in the industry.

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