Tips for Choosing off Road Wheels

Wheels are crucial to any vehicle; they impact performance, safety and speed. Furthermore, they change the outer appearance of your car, and the right wheels can add value to your vehicle. This article looks specifically at off-road wheels and how to select the best ones for your vehicle.


Aftermarket off road wheels will change the appearance of your car. They’re often one of the first modifications you’ll notice on the exterior of any vehicle. If you want your car to be personalised to your specific tastes, aftermarket off road wheels are ideal. There are thousands of different designs to choose from, each with a unique look. Select the wheel colour and style you prefer that will match the style of your car.

Strength and load rating

Off road wheels are designed for strength; one thing you need to look out for when selecting new wheels for your 4x4 is the load rating. This is the measurement of how much weight each wheel can support; you must get the right load weighting for your vehicle. This will ensure the wheels can adequately support the vehicle and are strong enough for any off road driving you plan on doing. Your handbook will give you the details of the suitable load ratings for your vehicle; always check this before buying off road wheels.

Premium wheel finishes

The wheel finish you select for your vehicle will change the maintenance needed on the car. Powder-coated wheels typically need less maintenance. You can also get the coating added back onto the wheel if they become worn over time. Other options include chrome, painted or polished wheel finishes; each looks slightly different, so your decision may be influenced by the wheel's appearance.

Wheel size

Large wheels are popular for vehicles driving on the road, but they’re less practical when you want to take your car off the road. The ideal off road wheel size is either 16 or 17 inches. This size allows for a tyre with larger sidewalls; the tyres are critical when driving off road as they absorb the impact from the rough terrain and provide traction for moving over uneven surfaces. The more tyre a vehicle has, the better chance of gripping the mud and dirt and the more control the driver has when tackling difficult terrain.

Wheel material

There are several material options for off road wheels; the main two options are steel and alloy wheels. Steel wheels are much cheaper and stronger, but they’re also heavier, which will impact your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Another benefit of steel wheels is that they’re easier to repair if you have an issue. Alloy wheels are more common for aftermarket 4x4 wheels; they’re typically more expensive but also lighter in weight. This means your 4x4 can travel faster, and fuel economy will be improved. The disadvantage of alloy wheels is that they’re not as strong as steel, making you more likely to experience issues.

Reputable website

The right wheels are critical for the safety of your vehicle. Many people sell wheels online; however, you must buy from a trusted website. If not, there is a possibility that you will be delivered sup-par wheels made from shoddy materials. These won’t withstand the weight of your vehicle and won’t be suitable for driving off-road. Unfortunately, these replica wheels can look very similar to high-quality wheels, so it can be difficult to tell the difference between them unless you’re an expert. Always purchase from a reputable website with good recommendations and reviews to ensure you're buying quality wheels. Make sure you take a look at the independent reviews about the website hosted on verified review sites.

The right off road wheels can make driving over rough terrain easier and more fun. In addition, they will look great and can help add value to your car if you decide to sell it. Always ensure you get your wheels fitted and balanced by a professional, as this will greatly impact the driving and handling of your vehicle on and off the road. Poorly balanced wheels can cause issues with turning, making your car dangerous to drive. Get more tips and advice for driving your car off road.

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