Why Metal Frames Are Crucial for High-Rise Structures

With the ever-increasing population size and less space for housing and businesses, high-rise buildings are becoming more prominent. They offer a solution to very little ground space by expanding upwards to provide places for people to live and work. High-rise buildings are especially important in busy cities where land comes at a premium price, and often there is little land left. People want to live within inner cities to be close to their jobs and the amenities that a city provides without needing to purchase a car to travel. One crucial element of high-rise buildings is the metal frame; in this article, we take a look at why metal frames are so important for high-rise buildings.

Structural integrity

There is an intense amount of vertical and lateral load placed on the structure of a high-rise building. All of the floors need to be adequately supported by a structure that can withstand that huge amount of force and weight. Steel is the perfect material for this job; it is incredibly strong and won’t buckle under pressure. This has enabled architects to build high-rise buildings higher without worrying about whether the structure will be able to withstand the additional force and weight.

Flexibility to prevent collapse

High-rise buildings are at risk when it comes to extreme winds, earthquakes and other extreme weather conditions. The building needs to be able to withstand these different weather types without collapsing and causing devastation to those that live or work within the building. Metal, although very strong and durable, is also flexible enough to move and bend in bad weather conditions. This means the building won’t collapse very easily and can withstand very bad weather conditions whilst still keeping everyone inside safe.

Fire resistant

Fires are another hazard to those living or working in high-rise buildings; a fire can cause devastation and prevent people from escaping the building. Steel is used for the frame of high-rise buildings as it is very fire-resistant and has an incredibly high melting point. This means it won’t fuel the fire and will retain the structure of the building without collapsing unless the temperatures reach extremes. This extra time and fire-resistant qualities allow residents to evacuate the building and get to safety before the risk of collapse.

Quick to construct

Metal frame buildings are very quick to construct; this is beneficial when constructing a high-rise building. They’re often placed in busy city areas, so the disruption caused by the roadworks and construction can be significant to the local population. When the time to construct the building is reduced, the construction work can be removed more quickly, allowing people living and working in the area to gain access to the roads again without as much disruption. Some of the metal components can also be constructed off-site and delivered to the building to help with the speed of construction.

Lightweight design

If you consider the strength of a metal structure compared to the weight of it, the ratio is very high compared to other materials. This gives architects more freedom and flexibility when they’re working with metal frame structures to create high-rise buildings. They can use metal to construct slender structures that can be very tall but have a small footprint; these are ideal for office spaces in a crowded city. Many architects like working with steel and metal frames because of the lightweight design and the overall flexibility of the material. This gives them more options to create unique and interesting structures that have open designs.

In conclusion, metal frames are crucial for high-rise structures because they are strong, flexible, fire-resistant, quick to construct, and lightweight. These qualities make metal frames the ideal material for high-rise buildings, which are often located in busy city areas and need to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions and other hazards. Metal frames also allow architects to create unique and interesting structures that have open designs. As the population continues to grow and demand for housing and office space increases, metal frames will become even more important for high-rise construction. Expect to see more high-rise metal-framed buildings in your local cities to cater for housing and business needs.

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